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We’ve released a few new products over the last few weeks. Check them out:

Vigorize Energy Spray
Vigorize Energy Spray is a vitamin B12-rich energy-support formula designed to give you a safe and natural pick me up whenever you need it with a quick and convenient oral spray delivery.

PhytoBlue Blueberry and Fiber Formula
PhytoBlue Formula is the convergence of an advanced phytonutrient formula (packed with blueberries, elderberries, and antioxidants) with 6 full grams of fiber.

KrillBerry Krill and Omega-3 Fish Oil Formula
KrillBerry combines 300 mg of Neptune Krill plus highly concentrated Omega-3 Fish Oil totaling 1000 mg of EPA and DHA (the same amount recommended by the American Heart Association) with a proprietary super fruits blend.

RestoraGLO uses all-natural fruit and vegetable compounds to safely enhance the tone and coloration of skin, delivering a natural-looking golden sun-kissed glow.

NutraGest Enzyme & Probiotic
Our new chewable NutraGest is a comprehensive and completely vegetarian supplement designed to support digestive tract function and nutrient absorption.

Super Duper Whey Bars – Chocolate Peanut ButterĀ andĀ Super Duper Whey Bars – Blueberry Nut
If you want a quality protein bar, the first thing to look for is top-quality protein. That’s why our Super Duper Whey Bar contains only one hundred percent whey protein.

PhytoBlue Caps Blueberry Energy Formula
PhytoBlue is an advanced blend of several types of wild, organic and freeze-dried blueberries, CoffeeBerry, vitamin B12, grape seed extract and nutritious super fruits to naturally support energy, endurance, focus and alertness.

Dr. Jim Meehan’s 24hr Vision Super Formula
Dr Meehan’s 24hr Vision features three leading evidence-based, researched ingredients for support of healthy vision: European Black Currant Extract, Lutein and Zeaxanthin.

TendoMagic provides a cutting edge blend featuring Type I Collagen, which promotes the tensile strength and the normal function of tendon tissues, while supporting tendon comfort and healthy joint function.

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  1. Sandra

    Hi, I received the OJC I ordered and am enjoying it. I misplaced the 31 day recipe sheet that came with my order. Please send me another copy via email. Thanks.


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