A few unconventional weight loss tips

Just about anyone can tell you that improving weight management involves eating better – as in, more fruits and vegetables as opposed to snack foods – and getting more exercise. But there are a few less obvious ideas that could also lead to shedding a few pounds – which won't just make you look fitter, but also help improve heart health, and perhaps even enhance other aspects of your life. 

Try new things
If the routine you're accustomed to has led to an unhealthy weight, then you shouldn't be afraid to change things up a bit.  But if you're eating the same foods everyday, even if it's part of a diet, you're bound to eventually get bored and lose interest in eating healthy. Therefore, consider trying foods you've been led to assume you wouldn't like. The experts at EatingWell encourage readers to try replacing beef, when a recepie calls for it, with Portobello mushrooms. They continue to note that using vegetable soup as an appetizer could help cut down the amount of calories you're liable to consume during the rest of the meal.  

Dog ownership
Back in 2011, the New York Times published an article pointing out that owning a dog could help you get skinnier. It's easy to see why, since puppies are notoriously energetic, so keeping up with them is bound to jump start your cardiovascular health at least a little bit. Meanwhile, adult dogs need daily walks, which means you'll be walking a lot more as well.

Drink lots of water
Unlike juice, soda and virtually every other beverage, there's no calories or fat in water. Therefore, Active Health and Fitness advises readers to up their water intake if they're hoping to get their weight under control. The source explains that water comprises 70 percent of the human body, and has benefits for digestive health. It also contributes to reducing between-meal cravings. However, you might want to consider drinking filtered water instead of straight from the tap.

Have a good time
The source goes on to say that celebrating small successes and having fun are also important parts of maintaining an effective weight loss regimen. Don't be afraid to let your schedule lapse a little bit when it needs to, and it's always easier to do something you're enjoying than it is to keep up a routine that feels like a chore.