Adaptogens – Normalizing the Body’s Stress Response

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Today’s topic:
Adaptogens – Normalizing the Body’s Stress Response

Several herbal remedies can be extremely useful for normalizing the body’s stress response. These herbs fall into the category known as adaptogens. Adaptogens increase the ability of the human body to respond (“adapt”) to a variety of chemical, biological and physical stressors. A common theme among these rejuvenating tonic herbs is that they are rich in naturally-occurring antioxidants. However, they have properties beyond their antioxidant capabilities that make them restorative of the body’s stress-handling ability. Some of the more well-known herbs falling into this category include the various ginsengs, licorice root, eleuthero and ashwagandha. All of these herbs are somewhat similar in nature in that they support the body’s natural response to stress. However, they are each somewhat different in terms of the type of situations they are indicated in. They are all superb adaptogens.

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