Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change

Today is Blog Action Day 2009. This year’s topic is climate change. We’d like to share what we do at Purity Products to do our part in tackling environmental concerns.

Living “green” means knowing your “carbon footprint” and taking steps to lessen your impact. We continually look for ways to improve the energy efficiency of our operations and reduce our green house gas emissions. We also look to partner with companies that adhere to the same values.

We have been working to create a more eco-friendly, environmentally responsible work environment at our 30,000 square-foot corporate headquarters and distribution center. Here are just a few of the accomplishments that we have made:

  • Started an end of day, light and computers off policy.
  • Installed digital thermostats throughout the building.
  • Instituted a “Vacant Office, No Light Policy.”
  • All computer equipment is required to be turned off when an employee leaves for the day.
  • Replaced older high-speed printers and mailing machines with new, energy efficient models.
  • Eliminated Styrofoam cups from our employee cafeteria, and replaced them with washable, reusable mugs.
  • Initiated company-wide recycling program.

We’ve also embarked on a multi-year initiative to reduce paper consumption by closely examining what we mail and how often we are mailing. Here are several examples of ways in which we are working to be more eco-conscious in our daily business practices:

  • By simply reducing the overall paper weight of our catalog by a small margin, we will reduce our annual paper consumption by 14% without damaging the integrity of our catalog.
  • We currently work with 2 vendors who supply our shipping cartons and packing materials. Our packing paper is comprised of approximately 30% recycled material. Our boxes contain between 25% and 90% recycled materials, depending on the supplier.
  • One of our major printers, Johnson Printing and Packaging Corporation, is renowned for being a leader in environmentally friendly printing alternatives. They have Forest Stewardship Council Certification, participate in sustainable forestry, use vegetable oil and water based inks, power their facility from Wind Power Sources, and offset the remainder of their energy usage.
  • Currently, the majority of our bottles are comprised of plastic. Although this material isn’t currently made from recycled material, it is recyclable. We are working with our suppliers to research alternatives to our plastic bottles that are not only cost efficient, but either made with recycled materials, or biodegradable.
  • Our Organic Brothers™ line of products was created with the mission of creating products that are healthier for you and healthier for the planet. All of our Organic Brothers’ products are certified organic by the USDA. By their nature, organic products are greener products and embrace the following ideals:
    • Energy Conservation
    • Protection of Future Generations
    • Prevention of Soil Erosion
    • Support of Small Farmers
    • Water Quality Protection
    • Promotion of Biodiversity

Purity Products realizes that everything we do to the environment today will have implications tomorrow. That’s why reducing our carbon footprint is important to us. Whether it’s through the sustainable farming practices of our organic farming partners, membership by our printers in the Forest Stewardship Council, researching alternate fuel options, or simply turning off computers at the end of the day, we are committed to a “greener” future.

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