Orange Juice as a Super Food

I always thought apple juice was an empty drink with lots of sugar, so I told my kids to drink it rarely and watered it down significantly when they really wanted it.  Now it seems that apple juice may help to  maintain acetylcholine levels, which could help support memory and recall.  So next time I call out the names of each of my four kids before arriving at the appropriate one I will reach for a glass of apple juice.

Orange juice too is now touted as being a super food especially helpful with diminishing inflammation throughout the body.  Besides having good doses of Vitamin C (highest in the pulp), orange juice is a great drink choice for its many health benefits.

If you are going to go nuts and allow your car to swerve into the Fast Food Drive-thru of choice, you better order some orange juice with your meal.  A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition last month says OJ significantly neutralized the proinflammatory effect of a high-fat, high-carbohydrate meal and also prevented endotoxin increase.   Oranges are nature’s superfoods and are full of flavonoids and phytochemicals as well as vitamin C.

But what about the sugar?   Solution:  Purity Products’ Amazing Oranges!!

What a great way to get the benefits of oranges (plus many the benefits of many other orange fruits/vegetables) without all the sugar in juice.  It’s also very good if you are trying to watch your calories as orange juice can be highly caloric when trying to lose or maintain weight.  It’s a great way to start your day as a morning drink to help wake you up.  I have used it after a workout or before especially if I’m feeling sluggish.  It’s also good as an afternoon “pick me up”, and as everyone here at  Purity Products knows, it really gives you a great sense of vitality and clarity after you have it.  The triple action blend features 3 classes of phytonutrients: Carotenoids, Polyphenols and Bioflavonoids amplified with Vitamins C & D to support healthy energy, endurance, and mental clarity.

– Sabrina Levin

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From Stone Age to Space Age: Omega-3s Take Off

Some folks are content to stand by and watch as one of nutrition’s brightest stars, omega-3 fish oil, shines brightly onto the pages of nutrition journals world-wide. Others jump in and participate in the omega-3 revolution by supplementing with this “golden oil” regularly. Its splendid benefits continue to impress even the skeptics around the globe. How could a little pill provide such a variety of clinically tested benefits? Whether it’s your heart, brain, triglycerides, joints, mood, well-being… what else could fish oil do? Well, now comes along new research from NASA examining the role of omega-3s in bone health for our illustrious astronauts. As the spotlighted on, a published article in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, from NASA, shows that EPA from fish oil supports healthy bone density in astronauts during space flight. Considering astronauts often suffer with bone loss during space flight, this is a big deal. Check out the link for more details:

So what does that mean to people like you and me?
It means you should keep taking your fish oil. And if you haven’t found a source you like, keep investigating. The cardiovascular benefits we know about are the tip of the iceberg. One of my goals at Purity Products is to spread the gospel about the benefits of fish oil, and point out the importance of the type that is ultra pure, molecularly distilled and 3rd party tested. That’s the quality you deserve – fish oil that doesn’t burp back. That’s our specialty too. So if heart health lays in the tip of the iceberg, what’s below the surface? That would be health benefits for your arteries, joints, mood, brain and even skin. Now NASA comes along and reminds us of benefits even for our bones and muscles, which begs the question, what doesn’t fish oil do?

Don’t be accused of ‘Nutritional Negligence’…
The rich history of research on fish oil began decades ago when the young Danish researcher, and acquaintance of mine, Dr. Jørn Dyerberg and his team studied the Inuit Greenland Eskimos in the 1970s. Their reports in the Lancet and American Journal of Clinical Nutrition impressed even the cynics, opening up the flood gates for further clinical research on omega-3 fish oil. A steady stream of positive research ensued, elevating fish oil’s status. Today it’s nutrition’s shining star — a treasured supplement. Still millions remain on the sidelines hesitant to get started. Why wait? If you aren’t sure fish oil is right for you, speak with your health care professional, and clarify. But don’t watch this stellar story go by omega-3 deficient – like millions of people do in North America every day. That’s what I call “nutritional negligence,” and you don’t want to win that prize!

But is the fish oil story just 30-40 years old?
Really, the fish oil story dates back to antiquity, when Stone Age man and woman (I have a lot of daughters – so I’m sensitive in this area) instinctively felt better after eating fresh fish. Fast forward – now we learn Space Age man is discovering how fish oil can keep our bones strong on earth… and in outer space. So the story carries on. Ironically, fish oil reminds me of the proverbial fish story, where the “fish” gets bigger every time the story is repeated. But with the benefits of fish oil, it’s a bona fide story. Incorporate this shining star into your supplement regimen, and watch your health lift off with a substance that can only be described as “out-of-this-world”.

Jahn Levin

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Where do you store your vitamins?

Customers frequently ask where the ideal location is to store their Purity Products vitamins. A new study from Purdue University suggests that it might be better to avoid keeping your vitamins in a relatively humid environment like your kitchen or bathroom. Too much moisture potentially increases loss of potency over time, at least with certain ingredients like vitamins B and C.
Bottom line- It’s best to store your nutritional supplements in a dry place at room temperature.
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When it Comes to a Healthy Diet… Think Mediterranean

Recent research points to the health benefits enjoyed by those who consume a “Mediterranean Diet”. Most notably, the diet contains elements that are associated with a lower risk of heart disease.

So, what is a Mediterranean Diet and how can you enjoy the benefits? Very simply, it is a diet rich in whole grains, fruits, nuts, legumes, wine, cereals, fish and olive oil, while also being low in dairy, meat junk foods and fat. This dietary pattern has been linked to longer life spans, a healthy heart, and many other important health benefits The diet’s main nutritional elements include Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Beta-Carotene, Vitamin C, tocopherols, polyphenols and essential minerals.

So, what if you’re not a gourmet chef trained in the ways of Mediterranean cooking or simple don’t have the time to cook every night? Make sure you are supplementing your diet with a high quality Omega-3 Fish Oil (try our Triple Action Omega for a powerful 1-2-3 combination of Omega-3s, Coenzyme Q10 and natural Plant Sterols for superior heart support) and a potent multivitamin (like Perfect Multi Super Greens with the ORAC value of more than 10 servings of fruits and vegetables plus 500 mg of vitamin C and 500 IU of vitamin A and 800 mcg of Folic Acid).

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The Importance of Calcium

Supplementing with Calcium… a subject I’ve never given much thought to until recently. It turns out that being 45 and female, I now have to be cognizant of my daily calcium intake. Truth is, there are now lots of things I have to be more cognizant of – but the list just seems to keep growing. Weight loss for me is up there – eating a diet with more fruits and vegetables (less fats, carbs and sugars) also tops the list. And let’s not forget about regular exercise… I happen to work right across the street from my gym and yet I still find motivation and scheduling a challenge sometimes.

Most of my girlfriends are between the ages of 45 and 55, which is convenient because it means that we share a lot of these issues that are unique to our age group. When we get together – as we often do, health issues and nutritional topics inevitably become part of our conversation. Some of the things we have in common include taking a complete multi-vitamin every day as well as a Calcium supplement. And while none of us has experienced bone loss (we’ve all checked), we all agree with the current available information that says taking a calcium supplement every day can help reduce certain risk factors for Osteoporosis. Other risk factors include inactivity, cigarette smoking and excessive intake of alcohol. According to The Nutritional Institute of Health (NIH), bone thinning due to osteoporosis affects over 8 Million women and 2 million men in America.

I am privileged to be working for a nutritional supplement company like Purity Products that offers some pretty terrific Calcium products. Our Cal-Advantage Powders for instance are a nice choice because they contain a dynamic group of nutrients including Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D, and Boron etc. It’s available in Lemon / Lime or Orange Flavors. This formulation supports strong bones and bone density which is something I really appreciate. We are also about to debut Cal Advantage Tablets, which will be a nice option. This new formula has been fortified with a Patented Boron Complex for added bone density support. Another good formula is Advanced Cal HA, which is very popular. In addition to adequate amounts of Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D, Boron etc. it also provides 50 mg of Hyaluronic Acid per serving, which adds support for healthy joints and cartilage. So, while we can’t stop the aging process, we can invest in things like wholesome food, good nutrition and strong friendships, important things that I believe will pay healthy dividends.

– Lori Michel, Quality Control Manager

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Heart Health – The #1 Threat for Women in the US

By now, everyone should know that Heart Health is the #1 Threat for Women in the United States. And, an estimated 8 million women suffer from the disease, whether they know it or not. And worse yet, these numbers are on the rise.

But, the good news is, here are some things you can do NOW to take care of your heart.

1. Cut the Fat – Trans Fat. These pesky food additives have been used for years to increase the shelf life of diet busters like cookies, chips, etc. They were also, until recently a key ingredient in many of the most popular fast food chains. The reason trans fats are so bad for you is because in addition to raising bad cholesterol (LDL) they also lower good cholesterol (HDL). That’s a one-two punch your heart and you waistline just don’t need. So, take a cue from major cities like New York and Philadelphia and ban the words “Hydrogenated” and “Partially Hydrogenated” from your kitchen and your diet. Your heart will thank you!

2. Get a Grip on Anger. This is a relatively simple equation. Stress = Raised Blood Pressure. Raised Blood Pressure causes undo stress of the on the Heart. So, instead of overreacting at the smallest thing, take a deep breath and count to 10. This should help you calm down.

3. Sleep on It. More than half of women in their 40s suffer from insomnia at least a few nights a week. The stresses from life, changes in hormone levels as we age, and a variety of other causes can be attributed to this. So, what’s a girl to do? Make sure your bedroom is set up for optimal sleep; skip the TV, turn off that cell phone, draw the curtains for a darker environment and like we did with our kids when they were babies, stick to a bedtime routine; listen to soothing music, take a warm bath, read a book, and turn off the lights.

4. Make Your Doctor Your Friend. Keeping regular annual or bi annual appointments with your OBGYN, General Practitioner, and your Dentist may give doctors the ability to diagnose a serious illness earlier. Also, adding in appointments to Dermatologists (to check your skin for any damage done in your youth), and other specialists should be considered. Remember, the only person who can stay on top of your health properly, is you.

5. Get Your Omega-3s. As women enter their 40s and 50s, estrogen levels dip, and blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides can start creeping up, making the heart work harder. Make sure you are getting a healthy dose of Omega-3s to support you entire cardiovascular system – whether it’s by eating fish or flaxseed or by taking one of Purity Products’ elite Omega-3 formulas.

6. Work Up a Sweat. Let’s face it, the older we get, the harder it is to keep the weight off. But, by sticking with a regular exercise routine that gets your heart rate up and helps you work up a sweat, you’ll be better able to keep your weight in check. And the bonus is, you’ll feel great!

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12 Tips For A Healthy New Year

1. Stay Hydrated. Drink 8 8 oz glasses of water a day.  Water is required by every cell in the body as nourishment and as a means to remove wastes.   So, drink up and feel great!

2. Use the Stairs. Instead of elevators or escalators, take the stairs whenever possible.  Make your next shopping trip a cardio workout but picking up your pace walking down those halls and taking the stairs.  It may make those post holiday bills a little less painful.

3. Take a Deep Breath. Try taking full abdominal breaths several times a day.  This is not only great for your body, but can help you clear your mind, if only for a few moments each day.  Every little bit helps!

4. Try a New Fitness Pursuit. Try something totally different like cross country skiing, snowshoeing, or ice-skating to keep your exercise regimen interesting.  And, bring a friend, spouse or even a child, to keep you motivated.

5. Get creative with Veggies. Fill your plate with colorful vegetables because bright colored and dark leafy green vegetables are especially loaded with vitamins and antioxidants.  They are also high in fiber, which makes them filling while still being low in calories.  What a winning combination!

6. Snack on This: Fruits – Fresh and Dried. When you are in need of a snack, reach for a piece of fresh or dried fruit instead of chips or cookies.  Just like vegetables, they are high in both fiber and antioxidants and low on calories.  And, they taste great!

7. Eat Breakfast. Studies have shown that people who eat a healthy breakfast regularly, are more likely to control their weight that those who skip breakfast.

8. Get that Annual Check Up. Be sure the visit your doctor at least once a year for an annual physical and check up (more if your physician requires it).  Keeping a close eye on your health can help diagnose ailments before they become serious, or just help you maintain your already outstanding health.

9. Cut the Fat. Cut back on saturated fats.  But, don’t cut the “good” unsaturated fats like olive oil, nuts, fish and lean meats.  Your heart will thank you!

10. Sleep on it. Make sure you are getting the right amount of sleep every night to maintain your energy throughout the day.  Most Americans don’t get the recommended 7-8 hours a night.  So, turn off the TV, your cell phone, and the lights and wake up refreshed tomorrow.

11. Relax Your Mind and Body. Leave the office at work.  Take a long walk.  Turn off the TV and enjoy the quiet.  And, most importantly relax and recharge.  Try yoga, read a book, or just daydream.  You mind will thank you!

12. Stay with Purity Products. We work hard to provide you with the latest advancements in nutritional supplements.  We’ll be here for you morning and night to answer your questions and provide you with the updated formulas you want and need to keep you going strong.

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