NIH study finds association between fiber intake and many health areas

Sources: and Archives of Internal Medicine.

A recent study by the NIH concluded that “Dietary fiber may reduce the risk of death from cardiovascular, infectious, and respiratory diseases. Making fiber-rich food choices more often may provide significant health benefits.”

Despite the well known health benefits of fiber, many Americans fall short of their daily allowance. We have several products in our digestive health category that can help you get the recommended daily allowance of fiber. Our newest addition, PhytoBlue Blueberry and Fiber Formula, boasts 6 grams of fiber per serving (4g soluble) in addition to an advanced phytonutrient blend.

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CoQ10 and Heart Muscle Longevity

This is part of our ongoing The Best Kept Secrets to Healthy Aging spotlight. Each day, we will be posting some of the great information that’s packed into our book, The Best Kept Secrets to Healthy Aging.

Today’s topic:
CoQ10 and Heart Muscle Longevity

The role of CoQ10 as a cellular protectant is displayed in a more direct fashion in heart cells. CoQ10 plays an important part in supporting the maintenance of cardiac tissue integrity and function. A relatively recently explored hypothesis suggests that CoQ10 can slow the rate of normal age-related loss of cardiomyocytes, preserving more fully functional cells for longer. Within the mitochondria of all mammalian cells, including the heart muscle (the “myocardium”), are channels (“permeability transition pores”) that span the inner and outer mitochondrial membranes (every mitochondrion has a double wrapping of membrane material surrounding it and separating it from the rest of the cell). When open, these channels allow materials to pass from the cell into the mitochondrion and vice versa. Normally, traffic between the cell and the mitochondrion is strictly controlled.

However, if too many of these channels open at once, abnormal movements of sodium and calcium ions break down the physical integrity of the mitochondrial membrane, and the membrane will be destroyed by the cell.6 If too many mitochondria within the same cell become damaged and are destroyed, the cell will die.

The channels can be opened “accidentally” by “stray” free electrons that have escaped from the special proteins that should be transporting them toward oxygen. Escape is less likely when sufficient CoQ10 is available to restrain these electrons. As shown by the results of a study published recently in the Journal of Gerontology and the results of previous studies, the more CoQ10 in the mitochondria, the fewer channels that are opened “accidentally” and the less likely the cell will be to die.7

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CoQ10 – Super Antioxidant

6. Ochoa JJ, Quiles JL, Huertas JR, Mataix J. Coenzyme Q10 protects from aging-related oxidative stress and improves mitochondrial function in heart of rats fed a polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA)-rich diet. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci 2005;60:970-975.
7. Somayajulu M, McCarthy S, Hung M, Sikorska M, Borowy-Borowski H, Pandey S. Role of mitochondria in neuronal cell death induced by oxidative stress; neuroprotection by Coenzyme Q10. Neurobiol Dis 2005;18:618-627.

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Research Links Pesticides with ADHD in Children

Recent research published this week in the Journal Pediatrics, has determined a correlation with pesticides exposure and attention-deficit disorder in U.S. children.  The kids’ urine was tested for pesticide residue and those with the highest levels had increased chances of having ADHD which is associated with trouble in school and with learning.  It isn’t clear whether they were exposed in the food they eat or by environmental factors such as drinking water or air.  Pesticides were found in the urine of 94% of the 1,139 children tested.

Previous studies have shown that switching to organic fruits and vegetables drops levels of pesticide compounds in urine to undetectable or close to undetectable levels.  I personally feel that more studies should be done that may actually prove causality and not just correlation with pesticide levels on fruits and vegetables that will push the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to lower the levels of pesticide that are deemed expectable in all food.   Until then parents in general should be aware of the risks that may be involved when feeding their children non-organic produce and non-filtered water.

Here at Purity Products we established our Organic Brothers line of Certified Organic Triple Greens and Organic Reds Formula exactly because of our concern for this issue.  Our customers can feel confident drinking our Reds and Triple Greens knowing they are certified organic by the USDA and QAI.  I love when my kids drink our powdered drinks because I know the benefits are tremendous and the drinks are so pure and contaminant free.  Also, many of our other powdered drinks although not certified organic contain many organic ingredients as well.

I for one, try to buy as much organic food as I can to make sure my kids have as little pesticide exposure as possible.  Reality is we are all exposed to pesticides and chemicals on some level.  Why not do what you can to lower the exposure as much as possible especially for our children who are more susceptible due to their growing bodies and relative size?

Sabrina Levin

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Organic vs. Non-Organic Eggs—is it worth it?

Buying Organic eggs?  Ever wonder if it’s worth it?  I was at the market the other day and observed a young couple.  The female went to put some organic eggs into the cart when her significant other said, “Hold on now, why would be pay so much more for the same thing?”  I could tell the girl was disappointed and felt like she needed to defend what she wanted to do.  I tried to walk away and mind my own business but not until I put my organic eggs into my cart.  I understand times are tough and people have to cut corners but I believe that buying organic eggs is so worth it for me.  Firstly, eggs are a very healthy complete food.  One egg has most of the nutrients one needs to have optimal health.  The protein value is excellent in building strong muscle and it’s a great food for pregnant women and kids too.  In fact, I believe having organic eggs, let’s say as an omelet with vegetables for dinner, is much more economical than many other food choices and you will get much more bang for your buck nutritionally.  Also, I always feel full and satisfied after this type of meal and can go longer between meals which can also be argued as a great way to cut down on expenses and calories that would have been spent on snacking foods.

Organic eggs are always free-range.  These hens are always fed an organic diet.  The eggs are healthier with higher levels of Vitamin B, Folic Acid and higher Omega-3’s as well.  Non organic chickens, unless they are free range, may be and more often than not are usually kept in small cages and fed genetically engineered corn, animal by-products and antibiotics. The overuse of antibiotics can result in antibiotic resistance in humans and can contribute to overgrowth of yeasts and other unfriendly bacteria in the intestinal tract.  The farmers may also be using hormones which could further jeopardize our health and vitality in the long run.  The USDA organic standards are the strictest food production standards in the world and are regularly inspected by a third party. Also, organic means that the chickens can’t be fed food from genetically modified sources.  Lastly, by buying organic eggs I know I am going green as we like to do here at Purity Products, by supporting the organic farmers, and supporting a system which doesn’t pollute our environment further.

Sabrina Levin

Utilizing the same stringent standards it applies to products and customer service, Purity Products has made a standing commitment to environmental preservation and conservation.

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Orange Juice as a Super Food

I always thought apple juice was an empty drink with lots of sugar, so I told my kids to drink it rarely and watered it down significantly when they really wanted it.  Now it seems that apple juice may help to  maintain acetylcholine levels, which could help support memory and recall.  So next time I call out the names of each of my four kids before arriving at the appropriate one I will reach for a glass of apple juice.

Orange juice too is now touted as being a super food especially helpful with diminishing inflammation throughout the body.  Besides having good doses of Vitamin C (highest in the pulp), orange juice is a great drink choice for its many health benefits.

If you are going to go nuts and allow your car to swerve into the Fast Food Drive-thru of choice, you better order some orange juice with your meal.  A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition last month says OJ significantly neutralized the proinflammatory effect of a high-fat, high-carbohydrate meal and also prevented endotoxin increase.   Oranges are nature’s superfoods and are full of flavonoids and phytochemicals as well as vitamin C.

But what about the sugar?   Solution:  Purity Products’ Amazing Oranges!!

What a great way to get the benefits of oranges (plus many the benefits of many other orange fruits/vegetables) without all the sugar in juice.  It’s also very good if you are trying to watch your calories as orange juice can be highly caloric when trying to lose or maintain weight.  It’s a great way to start your day as a morning drink to help wake you up.  I have used it after a workout or before especially if I’m feeling sluggish.  It’s also good as an afternoon “pick me up”, and as everyone here at  Purity Products knows, it really gives you a great sense of vitality and clarity after you have it.  The triple action blend features 3 classes of phytonutrients: Carotenoids, Polyphenols and Bioflavonoids amplified with Vitamins C & D to support healthy energy, endurance, and mental clarity.

– Sabrina Levin

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Plant Sterols and Cholesterol

Even though plant sterols have been around for a long time, we’re surprised at how relatively few people are aware of how useful they can be in helping manage cholesterol levels, more specifically, LDL (the “bad” cholesterol). We’re trying to spread the word! Pass on these FAQ’s to a friend or relative who you think might benefit from this terrific natural ingredient, which we offer in Purity Products’ Triple Action Omega 3 Formula, along with fish oil, vitamin D and CoQ10.
What are plant sterols and plant sterol esters?
Plant sterols are fat-like compounds whose chemical structures are very similar to cholesterol. They are naturally present in everyday foods such as vegetables, fruit, nuts, grains and cooking oils.
By modifying the structure of plant sterols to form plant sterol esters, they become more soluble in fats or oils.
How do plant sterols lower cholesterol levels in my blood?
In the gut, plant sterols compete with cholesterol for incorporation into the micelles resulting in a decreased absorption of cholesterol into the blood stream. This is due to the fact, that plant sterols have chemical structures very similar to cholesterol. Opposite to cholesterol, only small amounts of plant sterols are absorbed into the blood stream. They are effectively excreted via the gut. The effect is somewhat dose-dependent. An intake of at least 0.8 g sterol/day is necessary to achieve significant cholesterol reductions.
Do plant sterols work best for people with moderately elevated cholesterol or do they offer benefits for people with high cholesterol as well?
Plant sterols are a good cholesterol-lowering option for people with mildly to moderately elevated cholesterol levels who want to manage their blood lipids by dietary interventions. But, they can also provide additional benefits for individuals taking cholesterol-lowering medications. However, patients under medical treatment for cholesterol reduction should consult their doctor before using food with plant sterols.
Are plant sterols safe?
Plant sterols and plant sterol esters are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the United States Food and Drug Administration and are clinically proven to lower total blood cholesterol levels by 6-10% and LDL (bad) cholesterol by 8 – 15%. Plant sterols and plant sterol esters and their effect in reducing serum cholesterol levels have been researched over the past fifty years and confirmed in more than 150 clinical trials.†
Can I take plant sterol products to replace my cholesterol-lowering medication?
No. Plant Sterols are not meant to replace cholesterol-lowering medications, nor act as a substitute. People with cholesterol medication should discuss their individual needs with their doctor to find the optimum solution. Many people with cholesterol medication can benefit from using plant sterol products in addition to their medication.
What happens if I stop eating plant sterol products?
Your cholesterol levels will return to the previous level.
Can my cholesterol drop too much by eating plant sterol products?
No. Plant sterols and plant sterol esters will not reduce your cholesterol to such an extent that you may have a deficiency – your body will produce enough cholesterol to balance its needs.
†Dietary supplements containing at least 400 mg per serving of plant sterols, taken twice a day with meals for a daily total intake of at least 800 mg, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease.
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DHA – A few interesting facts and strange ideas.

At Purity Products, there’s no question about it. We love DHA. Whether it’s the DHA found in every cell in our bodies, or the pure DHA we offer in our dietary supplements, our love of this precious fatty acid continues to grow.
Of course, DHA is lovable for many reasons.
For example, a biochemist, as nerdy is it would be, might love it for its distinctive title as the world’s longest and most unsaturated omega 3 fatty acid.
Ornithologists should admire DHA for its fascinating role in the flight muscles of hummingbirds, capable of flapping over 50 times per second, and where it’s unusually high abundance is key to what is surely one of the animal kingdom’s most dazzling feats.
For the cardiologist, ophthalmologist or the brain researcher, DHA must be equally as wondrous, for not only are the brain, visual system, and heart brimming with DHA, but more importantly, the clinical significance of DHA supplementation in all these areas is now widely accepted for its many benefits.
If you’re an exerciser, you will learn love DHA. A recent study published in the American Journal Clinical Nutrition showed that fish oil supplementation (1560mg DHA + 360mg EPA) yielded very positive results for body composition, as well as the various cardiovascular measures they examined.
So while you might not be able to flap your arms like a hummingbird, you’ll clearly be better off increasing your DHA intake. As far as Purity Products is concerned, America needs to get the message: It’s Baseball, Mom, Apple Pie and now DHA. Think there’s room on Mt. Rushmore for a fish oil gel-cap? I bet TR, a fitness buff in his day, would’ve appreciated it.
– Jason Kam
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