New Hope for Healthy Women Dealing with Hair Loss

We live in a culture obsessed with healthy hair. In fact, in 2017 over $3.47 billion dollars was spent in America on products to enhance the look and beauty of our hair. And that’s not including money spent on shampoos or other basic hair cleaning products, or for spa treatments and trips to the hair salon. That’s money spent on hair coloring products, styling gels, and hair spray… and on one other category of hair products that most people do not like to talk about: hair growth products.

Nearly $118 million was spent in 2017 on products to help fight back against hair loss. However, if you were to think that the lion share of that was spent on male pattern baldness, you would be wrong — because nearly 40% of hair loss sufferers in America are women.1 And while the air waves are filled with commercials for hair loss reduction solutions for men — along with many male icons who embrace and popularize the “bald is beautiful” way of life — women often struggle in silence with hair loss, which for some leads to self-image problems, loss of confidence, and even depression.

Now, a distinction should be made here. There are certain medical conditions that lead to hair loss in both men and women, such as alopecia. And some hair loss in women can be caused by oral contraceptive use. However, there is an overwhelming number of healthy women who look in the mirror and are concerned about the health and volume of their hair because of damage done by daily wear and tear, or by excessive use of hair treatment products or harsh styling techniques such as hair straightening or curling irons.

Women in the former categories may want to pursue medical intervention. However, if the daily grind of life has worn down your hair, then you have a new nutrient-based alternative to the shampoos and spa treatments that have left you dissatisfied. It’s called Volumify™.

The New Word in Clinically-Tested Hair Health Supplements – VOLUMIFY™

You won’t find “volumify” in the dictionary, but if you are looking for a new approach to hair loss reduction, you will want to make Volumify™ part of your daily hair beauty routine. Volumify™ contains a patented, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinically tested ingredient developed by researchers in Europe that harnesses the power of a special standardized millet extract, along with other nutritional co-factors, to promote healthy hair density and volume from within.* Simply put, it’s a hair loss solution in a capsule.

Millet has an interesting place in history. Archeological evidence suggests that it was first cultivated in China during the Xia Dynasty and helped nourish the growth of China for over 8,000 years. And in the days of ancient Babylon, millet was prized as a symbol of strength, power, and beauty. Even botanists use the word “hair” to describe this majestic plant. And now modern scientists have discovered that this wholesome nutrient can promote the beauty, brightness, and volume of your hair to reduce hair loss in healthy women.*

Clinical research into the active millet ingredient in Volumify™ has produced some amazing results — and some very happy test subjects! Here’s what they found:

  1. Ninety-one percent of the women in the study reported getting a visible reduction in hair loss.
  2. And 75% said they noticed increases in the brightness, softness, and silkiness of their hair, most by the 6-week mark.
  3. In all, women in the clinical trials enjoyed a 49% overall reduction in hair loss after 12 weeks of use!

Volumify™ Promotes Better Hair Anchorage*

Volumify™ achieves these results by literally getting to the root of your hair loss problem. The active ingredient in this unique formula act on the hair bulbs in your scalp, where they strengthen the collagen that is naturally present there to promote better hair anchorage.* This activates the cell proliferation necessary for healthy hair follicles.* And healthy hair follicles are the root of healthy, beautiful hair.

So yes, Ladies, there really is a pill that can support healthy hair growth! You may have some trouble pronouncing the name, but you won’t have any trouble getting compliments on your new, beautiful ‘do.

(And for the record, some of the creators of the product pronounce it “Volume – if – I” while others say “Vol – loom – if – I” — but that’s really splitting hairs.)


1 – American Hair Loss Association.

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