From Stone Age to Space Age: Omega-3s Take Off

Some folks are content to stand by and watch as one of nutrition’s brightest stars, omega-3 fish oil, shines brightly onto the pages of nutrition journals world-wide. Others jump in and participate in the omega-3 revolution by supplementing with this “golden oil” regularly. Its splendid benefits continue to impress even the skeptics around the globe. How could a little pill provide such a variety of clinically tested benefits? Whether it’s your heart, brain, triglycerides, joints, mood, well-being… what else could fish oil do? Well, now comes along new research from NASA examining the role of omega-3s in bone health for our illustrious astronauts. As the spotlighted on, a published article in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, from NASA, shows that EPA from fish oil supports healthy bone density in astronauts during space flight. Considering astronauts often suffer with bone loss during space flight, this is a big deal. Check out the link for more details:

So what does that mean to people like you and me?
It means you should keep taking your fish oil. And if you haven’t found a source you like, keep investigating. The cardiovascular benefits we know about are the tip of the iceberg. One of my goals at Purity Products is to spread the gospel about the benefits of fish oil, and point out the importance of the type that is ultra pure, molecularly distilled and 3rd party tested. That’s the quality you deserve – fish oil that doesn’t burp back. That’s our specialty too. So if heart health lays in the tip of the iceberg, what’s below the surface? That would be health benefits for your arteries, joints, mood, brain and even skin. Now NASA comes along and reminds us of benefits even for our bones and muscles, which begs the question, what doesn’t fish oil do?

Don’t be accused of ‘Nutritional Negligence’…
The rich history of research on fish oil began decades ago when the young Danish researcher, and acquaintance of mine, Dr. Jørn Dyerberg and his team studied the Inuit Greenland Eskimos in the 1970s. Their reports in the Lancet and American Journal of Clinical Nutrition impressed even the cynics, opening up the flood gates for further clinical research on omega-3 fish oil. A steady stream of positive research ensued, elevating fish oil’s status. Today it’s nutrition’s shining star — a treasured supplement. Still millions remain on the sidelines hesitant to get started. Why wait? If you aren’t sure fish oil is right for you, speak with your health care professional, and clarify. But don’t watch this stellar story go by omega-3 deficient – like millions of people do in North America every day. That’s what I call “nutritional negligence,” and you don’t want to win that prize!

But is the fish oil story just 30-40 years old?
Really, the fish oil story dates back to antiquity, when Stone Age man and woman (I have a lot of daughters – so I’m sensitive in this area) instinctively felt better after eating fresh fish. Fast forward – now we learn Space Age man is discovering how fish oil can keep our bones strong on earth… and in outer space. So the story carries on. Ironically, fish oil reminds me of the proverbial fish story, where the “fish” gets bigger every time the story is repeated. But with the benefits of fish oil, it’s a bona fide story. Incorporate this shining star into your supplement regimen, and watch your health lift off with a substance that can only be described as “out-of-this-world”.

Jahn Levin

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Never Fails

Another round of holiday parties is here. At such get-togethers, it seems that new acquaintances, and sometimes old ones as well, at least the guys, once they’ve learned I work for a nutritional supplement company, invariably ask me the same question. “Do any of those herbal pills I see advertised on TV and in magazines, “for men”, really work?” (There’s also the typical addendum- “Not that I need it or anything…I’m just curious”)

This question is nearly always posed with a clear hint of skepticism. Of course, I can’t say I blame anyone for having doubts. It’s hard to deny that this is a product category rife with exaggerated claims and plenty of hype. And so I start by answering that in my view, most of the products are probably not quite as “potent” as the ads imply, at least the one’s that I’ve seen.

“I figured” is the typical response. Then I tell them there is a product that does have actual evidence to back its claims. It’s called Prelox® and it’s a product we distribute via a special arrangement we have with a terrific company called Natural Health Products, the same people who brought Pycnogenol® to the U.S. (For those unfamiliar, Pycnogenol, a pine bark extract, is one of the top evidence-based nutritional ingredients in the world, its efficacy in a wide range of areas backed by over 100 studies, and hugely popular worldwide where its been sold for over 30 years.)

It was their research on Pycnogenol’s mode of action that led them to surmise that there would likely be benefits for helping men maintain healthy sexual function. This ultimately led to the development of Prelox®, which is a patented formula that combines Pycnogenol with other ingredients like l-arginine, etc, and just like Pycnogenol, is sold all over the world. In their typical fashion, they have begun to build a portfolio of science and research around Prelox®, and last year published the results of a double-blinded, placebo-controlled study which yielded very positive results.

So as I go on, I tell these guys that Prelox® is NOT for erectile dysfunction, and that only a drug can claim to treat this condition. Rather, I tell them that Prelox® is something that a healthy man can use as a dietary supplement for helping them maintain their normal sexual health and performance as they age, helping them support something we’ve come to call “Erectile Quality, or EQ”.

This is when I pull out my famous baseball analogy. I say, “If you’re on the disabled list, Prelox cannot put you back on the field. However, If you are a good player, Prelox may be able to get you into the all-star game.”

The conversation always ends the same way- “Man, do you think you can get me a sample???”

-Jason Kam

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Pure Health Volume 1: Vitamin D: How Do You Get It?

As you may already be aware, there’s no shortage of information on Vitamin D in the news lately.  And, there’s a good reason.  Vitamin D is a critical nutrient for human development, for bone strength, for muscle health, for cardio function, for healthy mood and even robust immunity! However, Vitamin D deficiency is sadly, very much on the rise.

Several major medical groups have been calling for policy changes regarding Vitamin D, especially an increase in the recommended daily allowance as well as new deficiency guidelines.  The current RDA for Vitamin D is 400 IU, which many researchers and vitamin D advocates agree is too low, and some are even calling for it to be raised to amounts including 10 times that amount, or 4000 IU.

There are many sources of Vitamin D and here are some of the top approaches to getting it:

  1. Experts advise that sunlight is the most affordable and accessed the easiest.  About 15 minutes in the sun daily is very helpful.  Of course too much can be a problem too. But, fears of the sun prevent most Americans from getting enough sun exposure.
  2. Another excellent option is basic Vitamin D supplementation.  Most experts recommend the Vitamin D3 form called Cholecalciferol.
  3. Followed by the consumption of eggs, fish and cod liver oil.

Purity Products is proud to have already created advanced formulas with substantial levels of Vitamin D including – Dr. Cannell’s Advanced D Super Formula with 5,000 IU of Vitamin D in every dose.  Additionally, our entire line of Perfect Multis contains 2,000 IU of Vitamin D in every dose.  Our Vitamin C&D Super Formula contains 1,000 IU in every dose, and even our Triple Action Omega-3 Fish Oil Formula contains 500 IU per soft gel.

Purity works hard to stay on top of the latest research on vitamins and nutrients to ensure that we are providing you, our customers, with the most up to date, and beneficial products on the market today.

Jahn Levin

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Berry Supplementation Supports Age-Related Cognitive Decline

Good News for Perfect Multi, Omega-Berry and Super Reds Users….

We have a passion for berries at Purity Products because the wave of research supporting their efficacy has been growing in recent years.  And just today, research points to the increased importance of berries in the diet for brain support.  Berries have always been touted for the antioxidant and immune properties they possess.   But now more studies are pointing to their ability to support the brain against normal age-related cognitive decline.

A report, (released February 2008) conducted by researchers from the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University in Boston published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, surveyed old lab rats who were divided into two groups.  The results were outstanding.  The group being fed a diet supplemented with a compound from berries and grapes, (called pterostilbene), performed better in mental challenges than their un-supplemented counterparts.

At Purity Products, we know how important it is to make sure you are receiving the right supplements backed with the best scientific research.  Our Organic Super Reds, OmegaBerry Fish Oil and Perfect Multi Super Greens are infused with powerful BERRY blends to insure you enjoy an elite blend of berries each time you take them.  That’s why, when we read about studies like this, it reinforces our commitment to cutting edge nutritional supplementation.  This is new science and we want you to be an educated consumer.

Stay well.

Jahn Levin

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It could be worse

Sure, the stock market has collapsed, your nest egg is probably demolished, and the value of your house is plummeting by the day. Well, at Purity, we are striving to keep you in a position where you can summon your remaining optimism and declare to friends, loved ones, and yourself, “At least I have my health.”

For example, the very same week the Madoff scandal rocked the financial world, we found a silver lining. The negativity was completely counter-balanced by the report out of Tufts University that berry extracts help preserve cognitive function in aging rats. Ok, so maybe it doesn’t completely counter-balance the negativity, but you should still be excited to learn that berry extracts (see Perfect Multi Super Greens and Organic Super Reds) can help protect your brain function as you age.

Yep, your dreams may have gone up in smoke. But you should still be bullish on berry extracts.

– Jason Kam

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Welcome to the Purity Products Blog!

In our continuing pursuit of “purity” in our supplements and superior customer care in how we treat our customers, we proudly present the Purity Products blog providing a direct line of communication right to you… our most valuable customer. Whether it’s information on a new product, results from lab research, breaking nutritional news or even unique customer experiences we feel you should know about, we’ll post it to our blog.   And it’s a two way street, if you have a question or comment, we look forward to hearing from you as well.  That’s how important you are to us.

And because reading a blog should be fun and interesting, we’ll try to include some enlightening health facts as often as we can.  Here’s one in the news today.  Did you know that dark chocolate may be more filling than milk chocolate, according to researchers at the University of Copenhagen’s Department of Human Nutrition. The crossover study involved 16 men who said they liked both milk and dark chocolate, and showed that after eating the dark variety, they consumed fewer calories at a subsequent meal.  So if you need to indulge, it’s good to know.  Knowledge is power and welcome to the Purity blog.

Jahn Levin

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