Creatine Plus Protein – The Winning Combo for Fitness in Older Men

Creatine is a standout dietary supplement for building muscle and boosting athletic performance. More importantly, the benefits of creatine are supported by hundreds of scientific studies; establishing creatine as the most extensively researched products for fitness, muscle strength and maintenance of lean body mass. As shown in a recent study, creatine can be even more powerful when taken with a protein supplement.

A randomized double-blind clinical trial, published in the scientific Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, looked to see if supplementing protein combined with creatine would improve strength and muscle mass in a group of men aged 55 to 77 who engaged in a resistance training program. Measurements were taken of lean tissue mass and muscle size before and after starting the program. Leg strength and arm bench press strength was also measured. Study subjects taking creatine plus protein realized increases in body mass, muscle size and arm bench press strength. At the same time, muscle protein breakdown decreased as indicated by a reduction in levels of “3-MH” a urinary marker of muscle fiber degradation.

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