DHA – A few interesting facts and strange ideas.

At Purity Products, there’s no question about it. We love DHA. Whether it’s the DHA found in every cell in our bodies, or the pure DHA we offer in our dietary supplements, our love of this precious fatty acid continues to grow.
Of course, DHA is lovable for many reasons.
For example, a biochemist, as nerdy is it would be, might love it for its distinctive title as the world’s longest and most unsaturated omega 3 fatty acid.
Ornithologists should admire DHA for its fascinating role in the flight muscles of hummingbirds, capable of flapping over 50 times per second, and where it’s unusually high abundance is key to what is surely one of the animal kingdom’s most dazzling feats.
For the cardiologist, ophthalmologist or the brain researcher, DHA must be equally as wondrous, for not only are the brain, visual system, and heart brimming with DHA, but more importantly, the clinical significance of DHA supplementation in all these areas is now widely accepted for its many benefits.
If you’re an exerciser, you will learn love DHA. A recent study published in the American Journal Clinical Nutrition showed that fish oil supplementation (1560mg DHA + 360mg EPA) yielded very positive results for body composition, as well as the various cardiovascular measures they examined.
So while you might not be able to flap your arms like a hummingbird, you’ll clearly be better off increasing your DHA intake. As far as Purity Products is concerned, America needs to get the message: It’s Baseball, Mom, Apple Pie and now DHA. Think there’s room on Mt. Rushmore for a fish oil gel-cap? I bet TR, a fitness buff in his day, would’ve appreciated it.
– Jason Kam


  1. Melissa

    Very interesting information. What supplement should i take to get the most DHA. Are all fish oils the same? Or are some better than others?
    Dix Hills, NY

  2. Purity Products

    Hi Melissa,

    Thank you for your question. All fish oils are not the same. When shopping, always look for purified fish oils high in EPA and DHA (the two key active ingredients in fish oil). Some low quality brands won’t list the EPA and DHA numbers, so be conscious of that–since you won’t know how much of the key active ingredients you’re getting. They also may not be purified to remove harmful contaminants.

    Our Omega 3s are all high in DHA:


    We have do have a higher concentrated DHA fish oil, if you were looking for DHA exclusively:

  3. beverly Snyder

    Hello My husband and I have been taking Ultimat HA for several years. I feel it has been helpful to both of us. He is 80 and I am 78, we take 2 a day, is this enough?

    The question is that I am on coumadin and have been for some time. It is no use to talk to my Dr. They give me no responce as I am not sure they even know what it is . How does HA effect the coumadin? You never seem to mention this on your radio shows or in your pamphlets that come with my supply of HA.

    Our friend A Vetenary thought it was a great idea and has his family takeing it from you also.

    Please answer by email

    Thank you ! Beverly

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