Fight off stress at work with healthy food and relaxation techniques


Stress is an unavoidable part of everyday life, especially for people who try to balance work and family. Recently, The Commercial Appeal, a Tennessee news source, spoke to health expert Sharon Beavon, managing director of Hopewood Health Retreat in Australia, who explained some stress management techniques for when anxiety rears its ugly head at work.

First, even though stress can make a person feel tired, it's important to not drink too much caffeine, which can make him or her feel anxious. Next, regardless of how busy a person is, its important ot take regular breaks to walk around. This may not only help with stress, but is also a great weight management technique. While taking these breaks, people should also grab a healthy drink that can replace coffee, such as a green tea or pomegranate juice.

People can also choose lunch foods that may reduce anxiety. Better Homes and Gardens magazine states that there are many foods that may help with stress management. For example, asparagus is high in folic acid, which has been shown to potentially boost a person's mood and almonds have vitamin C, which may help combat the free radicals that can cause stress.

Also, milk has antioxidants and vitamins that are important for health, and a warm glass may help a person relax.

The Appeal reminded readers that when anxiety overwhelms them, they may need to take a closer look at their situation.

"If you're in a stressful time, try to step back and put things into perspective. (Take a 'Power Pause' – a few minutes to assess the situation, consider options and their consequences.)
If stress is still getting the better of you, look into stress management workshops, tapes or books," recommended the news source.

Finally, the information provider said that people should talk to their employer if their workload is too stressful.