How food affects hair and nails

Everything you put into your body can have an impact on your appearance – and your skin and hair are no exception. There are a variety of foods and even supplements that can improve the vibrancy of skin and hair, and a couple of sources have already elaborated on the subject.

The Huffington Post recently indicated that some foods may not be the best choices for people who want to keep skin and hair in tip top shape, while other foods could enhance the condition of hair and nails. At the start of the Post’s article, dermatologist Jessica Wu. M.D. told the news provider that hair and skin may be more significant indicators of good health than many people realize.

“Both are a barometer of how well (or how poorly) you’re feeding the body, as well as your overall health.” she said, according to the news provider.

In light of her advice, here are a few lesser-known tips for keeping up hair and nail health.

Make sure you’re getting enough minerals
Pointing to a report from Reader’s Digest, Huffington Post says zinc is often lacking in the diets of individuals who are finding white flakes under their nails. While some people assume these flakes are calcium deposits, the source states that this is not so. In fact, these white flakes may be the result of not getting enough iron and zinc, both of which are frequently found in certain types of fish.  Wu also told the source that protein may be essential to the growth of healthy hair and nails, as the two sometimes fashionable parts of the body are comprised mostly of protein.

Ditto for omega-3s
While the Huffington Post advises against consuming too much fish with a high-mercury content, ​the website Healthy Food makes the opposite case for many other types of fish. The healthy fatty acid in fish oil – especially as it appears in salmon, sardines and tuna may have positive effects for a person’s “dermatitis” and “psoriasis,” which are scientific terms for hair and nails.

Vitamin C and vitamin A
The Huffington Post also points out that too much vitamin A could actually harm hair. However, Healthy Food points out that a small amount of vitamin A could help keep hair, skin and nails shiny. In addition, vitamin C adds to the creation of skin-supporting collagen, and also been said to have antioxidant effects.

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