Fundamentals of Healthy Aging – Is “Aging” Truly Inevitable?

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Fundamentals of Healthy Aging – Is “Aging” Truly Inevitable?

Maybe not as we usually think of it. Evidence from a study published recently in the Journal of Gerontology points to some interesting facts about centenarians. Gerontologists evaluated the reports of 42,398 consecutive autopsies that were performed between 1975 and 1995 in Vienna, Austria. They found that 40 of these men and women were over the age of 100 years when they died. Of these 40, 24 (60%) were completely healthy when they died. All 40 were reported to have suffered an acute fatal heart attack or to have simply stopped breathing – none seemed to have died of “old age.” From all appearances they could have kept on living if whatever triggered their final moments had not occurred. According to these specialists, while “getting older” is inevitable, “dying of old age” is not. Death may also be inevitable; however living healthfully by incorporating healthy practices can lead to “Healthy Aging”. Most of the centenarians in this study seem to have found that “holy grail” of human health – they got older without being harmed by the experience.

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