Great News for Multivitamin users!

We never doubted the wisdom of taking your daily multivitamin…Two new reports demonstrate why:

1. Multivitamin users take heart! Recently published research reveals that people taking multivitamins and vitamin E just might expect to live longer, thanks to a possible boost in their heart health. The latest scientific evidence strongly suggests that vitamin E helps keep your heart healthy. Newly published research on vitamins and longevity indicates that regular users of vitamin E–as well as multivitamins–live longer with healthier hearts.

2. Multivitamins help keep your cells youthful, as shown in recent research by scientists at the National Institute of Environmental Health. Scientists at the National Institute of Environmental Health now think taking a daily multivitamin may actually help your cells stay younger, based on studies comparing the DNA of multivitamin users to DNA in non-vitamin consumers.

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