It could be worse

Sure, the stock market has collapsed, your nest egg is probably demolished, and the value of your house is plummeting by the day. Well, at Purity, we are striving to keep you in a position where you can summon your remaining optimism and declare to friends, loved ones, and yourself, “At least I have my health.”

For example, the very same week the Madoff scandal rocked the financial world, we found a silver lining. The negativity was completely counter-balanced by the report out of Tufts University that berry extracts help preserve cognitive function in aging rats. Ok, so maybe it doesn’t completely counter-balance the negativity, but you should still be excited to learn that berry extracts (see Perfect Multi Super Greens and Organic Super Reds) can help protect your brain function as you age.

Yep, your dreams may have gone up in smoke. But you should still be bullish on berry extracts.

– Jason Kam

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