Joint Health – Vitamin C

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Today’s topic:
Joint Health – Vitamin C

Vitamin C is absolutely necessary for the production of strong collagen fibers, including those found within joint cartilage. Without adequate supplies of vitamin C, collagen fibers become weak and lose structural integrity. Mechanical failure of weakened joint cartilage can trigger joint discomfort and other joint health issues.

Data obtained from the 10-year prospective Iowa Women’s Health Study of 29,368 women aged 55 years or older when the study began indicate that among these seemingly typical older US women, the chance of maintaining healthy joint structure and function among women consuming more than twice the current RDA for vitamin C was about twice as good as that among women consuming less vitamin C.14 Consistent with this finding, other studies have found that routine daily vitamin C intakes greater than twice the current RDA enhance an individual’s ability to maintain normal joint function with age.15

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