Krill oil supplements grow in popularity

With all the hype surrounding the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, individuals are increasingly looking for food sources of these important nutrients. To a growing extent, that means krill oil supplements.

Nutra Ingredients recently reported that sales of krill oil supplements have been growing at about 20 percent year. Furthermore, experts believe the trend will continue, with the products seeing annual growth rates of about 10 percent for the next few years.

Experts from the industry told the news source that they are beginning to see a greater demand from consumers for krill oil products in the past few years. The growth they are seeing is far beyond what was expected.

Numerous studies have shown that omega-3 concentrations in krill oil supplements are far greater than other sources and this may be the main reason for the increase in demand for these products.

Over the years, omega-3s have been shown to support brain health and heart health. The University of Maryland Medical Center characterizes the nutrients as "essential" because they play a key role in health but the body cannot make them.