Liver Health: Cut Down on Unhealthy Fats

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Today’s topic:
Liver Health: Cut Down on Unhealthy Fats

The more saturated fats and omega-6 polyunsaturated fats (omega-6 PUFA) you eat, the more fat gets deposited in your liver (as well as everywhere else). When the liver stores too much fat, it becomes clogged and much less efficient at detoxifying chemicals and toxins in the blood.

On the other hand, eating healthy fats can help optimize liver function. As shown in recent research published in Circulation, omega-3 PUFA (fish oils) are utilized in cell membranes and in anti-inflammatory processes and are not stored in the liver as fat.8 One way of reducing the stress on your liver is to ease up on animal fat and omega-6 rich vegetable oil consumption on the one hand and to replace the foods that contain them with healthy servings of fatty cold-water fish and olive oil. Supplementing with a high quality dietary supplement rich in fish oils is also liver-healthy. Shifting the balance of the fats you consume away from saturated fats and omega-6 PUFA and toward omega-3 PUFA can keep your liver smiling during those extra decades of life.

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8. Harris WS, Sands SA, Windsor SL, Ali HA, Stevens TL, Magalski A, Porter CB, Borkon AM. Omega-3 fatty acids in cardiac biopsies from heart transplantation patients: Correlation with erythrocytes and response to supplementation. Circulation 2004;110:1645-1649.


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