Managing the Inflammatory Response: Help Your Blood Vessels Help Themselves

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Tips for Promoting a Normal Healthy, Balanced Inflammatory Response: Help Your Blood Vessels Help Themselves

During their travels through your bloodstream, fats can become oxidized by a number of other circulating compounds, including things from the diet. Oxidized fats are potentially dangerous oxidizers of other compounds. Special antioxidants (“paraoxonases”) made within immune cells diffuse the danger posed by the oxidized fats in the bloodstream. However, this system can be overwhelmed. If too many of these fat cells collect in one spot, they may trigger a reaction that can throw off the balance of the entire inflammatory system.

Cutting-edge research has shown a clear connection between the amount of fat you eat and an increase in the imbalanced inflammatory response. Research just published in Nutrition has documented a direct relationship between dietary fat intake and this imbalanced inflammatory response.3 The culprit is high levels of dietary saturated fats. So for the sake of your hard-working vascular system – CUT: 1) cut back on red meats and replace them with fresh vegetables and white meats; 2) when you do eat red meat, cut off the fat you can see before cooking (if you don’t eat it, it can’t hurt you); and 3) cut down the cooking temperature – overcooking red meats just makes them even more harmful.

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3. Couillard C, Pomerleau S, Ruel G, Archer WR, Bergeron J, Couture P, Lamarche B, Bergeron N. Associations between hypertriglyceridemia, dietary fat intake, oxidative stress, and endothelial activation in men. Nutrition 2006;22:600-608.

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