New study confirms metabolic benefits of astaxanthin

Astaxanthin, an antioxidant found in krill oil supplements, may play an important role in supporting metabolic health, according to a new study published in the Journal of Food Science.

The findings are the latest in a string of research supporting the idea that astaxanthin has numerous health benefits. In recent months it has also been shown to play a role in heart health and in supporting healthy brain function.

In the current study, researchers from the China Medical University administered astaxanthin to a group of mice and compared the effects to mice fed a normal diet. The results showed that the mice receiving the astaxanthin had strong metabolic health.

Findings from the study further bolster the case that astaxanthin can provide powerful cardio-metabolic support. Individuals who are concerned about these areas of health may benefit from taking nutritional supplements containing the nutrient.

Krill oil supplements have become popular in recent months, as they are an excellent source of omega-3s in addition to astaxanthin. This makes taking these products a solid way to support many areas of health.