From Stone Age to Space Age: Omega-3s Take Off

Some folks are content to stand by and watch as one of nutrition’s brightest stars, omega-3 fish oil, shines brightly onto the pages of nutrition journals world-wide. Others jump in and participate in the omega-3 revolution by supplementing with this “golden oil” regularly. Its splendid benefits continue to impress even the skeptics around the globe. How could a little pill provide such a variety of clinically tested benefits? Whether it’s your heart, brain, triglycerides, joints, mood, well-being… what else could fish oil do? Well, now comes along new research from NASA examining the role of omega-3s in bone health for our illustrious astronauts. As the spotlighted on, a published article in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, from NASA, shows that EPA from fish oil supports healthy bone density in astronauts during space flight. Considering astronauts often suffer with bone loss during space flight, this is a big deal. Check out the link for more details:

So what does that mean to people like you and me?
It means you should keep taking your fish oil. And if you haven’t found a source you like, keep investigating. The cardiovascular benefits we know about are the tip of the iceberg. One of my goals at Purity Products is to spread the gospel about the benefits of fish oil, and point out the importance of the type that is ultra pure, molecularly distilled and 3rd party tested. That’s the quality you deserve – fish oil that doesn’t burp back. That’s our specialty too. So if heart health lays in the tip of the iceberg, what’s below the surface? That would be health benefits for your arteries, joints, mood, brain and even skin. Now NASA comes along and reminds us of benefits even for our bones and muscles, which begs the question, what doesn’t fish oil do?

Don’t be accused of ‘Nutritional Negligence’…
The rich history of research on fish oil began decades ago when the young Danish researcher, and acquaintance of mine, Dr. Jørn Dyerberg and his team studied the Inuit Greenland Eskimos in the 1970s. Their reports in the Lancet and American Journal of Clinical Nutrition impressed even the cynics, opening up the flood gates for further clinical research on omega-3 fish oil. A steady stream of positive research ensued, elevating fish oil’s status. Today it’s nutrition’s shining star — a treasured supplement. Still millions remain on the sidelines hesitant to get started. Why wait? If you aren’t sure fish oil is right for you, speak with your health care professional, and clarify. But don’t watch this stellar story go by omega-3 deficient – like millions of people do in North America every day. That’s what I call “nutritional negligence,” and you don’t want to win that prize!

But is the fish oil story just 30-40 years old?
Really, the fish oil story dates back to antiquity, when Stone Age man and woman (I have a lot of daughters – so I’m sensitive in this area) instinctively felt better after eating fresh fish. Fast forward – now we learn Space Age man is discovering how fish oil can keep our bones strong on earth… and in outer space. So the story carries on. Ironically, fish oil reminds me of the proverbial fish story, where the “fish” gets bigger every time the story is repeated. But with the benefits of fish oil, it’s a bona fide story. Incorporate this shining star into your supplement regimen, and watch your health lift off with a substance that can only be described as “out-of-this-world”.

Jahn Levin

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