1. Isabel M Perry

    I spoke to a person there by the name Patty. Today makes the fourteenth day of my AstaFX delivery and I was told by her that I would be receiving the next shipment on January 9 order (100726-255) due to the fact that I didn’t receive my trial shipment until October 9th, 2010 and still had 32 capsules left. Not only that but due to the reason of the shipment delay I was told that I would pay instead of 39.95, 29.95 with free shipment on the account due to the late delivery. As I look at my transactions again I see a charge of 119.95 when I have not received the product yet. Not only that but if its 29.25 shouldn’t the total be 1$89.99? Please see that you research this problem or I will not be placing anymore orders with your company. I need a refund of 119.95 and when the January 9th shipment comes in (unless I cancel) make sure the charge is what I was told which should be $89.99. Thank you. Isabel M Perry

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