Purity Products Complaints? Our Response

We feel the need to tell our side of a story we know exists. We know there are complaints against us posted on other websites. And we know “purity products complaints” is a suggested search or related search to our company name. We’re not going to hide from it.

We cannot express how bothersome this is to us all at Purity Products. On one hand we think it’s unfair. On the other hand we know we have made mistakes—it’s only human.

If we had a magic wand, we’d wave it and ask:

  • that we never make any mistakes,
  • that customers know that if we do make a mistake, we have a dedicated team here to make it right,
  • and by golly, make the public complaints disappear.

No, we wouldn’t ask it for the winning Lottery numbers.

We know there is no magic wand.

Our plea is for you to give us a chance. We have a liberal 60-day money back guarantee policy. Sometimes telephone call volumes are high, and there is a wait, but be rest assured when a customer care specialist takes your call, they will assist you with the greatest of care.

If we did make a mistake, we’re here to fix it. We know waiting on the phone is not fun, especially if the matter is urgent. We’ve also buttoned-up our processes.

There are some things to consider too. We don’t intend for this to be an excuse for any unsatisfying experience, but our complaint volume is only a small fraction of a percentage of the thousands of packages we send out and calls we get monthly. We’ve been in business for over 15 years, and would never want to tarnish our reputation by partaking in any unethical practice, like “sticking you with the bill.”

Thank you very much for your time and understanding.


  1. Robert Kinkel

    Well, I would love to try a couple of your products but I will not call and be subjected to he high pressure sales that I read about and failure of your sales team to simply take an order without having to be placed on a future product delivery schedule. If your product is so good, and I don’t doubt that it is – then why resort to such practices? There are way too many complaints of exactly the same thing for it not to be true.

    • Kym Kan

      Hi Purity,
      A special thanks to awesome “Elisha”…. She was wonderful! She explained that while “yes you can” place a simple order over the phone; you can also take advantage of even more savings if you join their “Super Saver Program”. All you have to do is pick a time frame of up to 6 month intervals for automatic shipments. And you can customize what products and quantities you want to be shipped at any time. No high pressure sales and she offered a very thorough explanation. Excellent customer service! Thank you very much 😉
      Sincerely, Kym

    • Rob Clayton


      I have been a customer of purity for over 10 years. There isn’t any high pressure sales and a lot of what i read is just plain untrue. I have been a One item customer to long term auto-ships and have NEVER had purity charge me unfairly or high pressure sale me anything. Yes, they do try to get you to try additional products at a cost savings after making a purchase. Its one offer ALL COMPANIES DO IT! But, you just say “no thanks” and that’s it. I have read the complaints of people saying they were charged after a free trial without their knowledge. This is pure bunk and most of them are lying. The Operator will tell you that unless canceled, you will be placed on the auto-ship and billed accordingly. Like previously stated, I have done this more time than can be counted. Love their products and will do business with them for the foreseeable future. Take care.

  2. Purity Products

    Hi Robert,

    Since September 1, 2009, we’ve had 15 complaints posted on various sites online. We’re fully aware that just one is too many. But consider that we’ve sent out tens of thousands of orders. It becomes just a tiny fraction of the total. Again, one complaint is too many. Our point is that the complaints appear more widespread than they really are. That’s the nature of the internet.

  3. jj-mia

    Interesting idea – that the 15 complaints (assuming for the sake of argument this is an accurate number) represents a magnification of the true feelings of people towards purity products. I would argue the opposite. For every person who invests the energy to post a complaint about purity products there are likely several more who feel the same way but have not posted.

    All I can say is that my experience is that the negative comments I have read about purity products are pretty much spot on. They make it very difficult to cancel out of their automatic program, and even more difficult to obtain their “guaranteed” refund.

    I would also suggest to anyone really interested in the products they sell to run down to gnc or whatever other local health products store they may have in their neighborhood and do some comparison shopping. I know – the purity products are higher quality, etc etc. Right.

    And read the disclaimers they are required to print on the bottles. That should open your eyes.

  4. MIke L.

    I was interested in your products and would love to try your free offers but I refuse to be put on automatic delivery in 19 days for 3 bottles.

  5. Ilse Hadda

    Today I received a package containing 3 bottles of Omega Berry which I definitely have not ordered! I opened the box, because I had ordered something from another company and though that this was it. I had ordered this product some time ago and did receive those bottles and have not even opened them yet!
    I want to know, how I can return them to you and I also want to make sure that I will not be charged for either the 3 bottles, nor the shipping charges. I noticed on the internet that this is a practice of yours, i.e. to send out things which have not been ordered and I certainly hope that I am not on one of your lists that will generate this type of thing in the future!
    I hope that you will respond promptly, so that I can return this product to you right away!
    Thank you

    • Kym Kan

      When you take advantage of one of their ‘’special offers’’, lets say ‘’Omega Berry for $4.95’’, you are also signing up for their ‘’Super Saver Program’’. This means you are locking yourself into a lower promo price for that product every time it ships. And yes in 4 weeks after getting the ‘’special offer’’ bottle, they will auto ship you out 3 bottles and then 3 more every 3 months.
      So if you do not want to get the promo, just call the 800# number on the packing slip within 4 weeks of them shipping your ‘’special offer’’ bottle. And tell them you would not like to be part of their ‘’Super Saver Program’’. Meaning in this example, that they ‘please do not ship’ us any more of those ‘’Omega Berry’’ vitamins… that we just wanted the first promotional bottle. Thank you very much!
      Or If you want the promo, you do have the ‘’power and control’’ to change the products, the quantities, and the shipment intervals at anytime, while taking advantage of their ‘’Super Saver Program’’. Just remember to make the call to change or cancel those auto shipments if you choose. I forgot once and well, you know? Right! 🙂

      • Rob Clayton


        You are correct. AND if its ordered online, you have to check a box that explains the exact same thing. Purity isn’t performing anything underhanded. If, like in your one situation, forget to call them, then you will see more product in about a month. What I see on this site and many others is really lazy people that once again, don’t want to take responsibilty for their own mistakes and want to blame evil Purity Products instead.

        Purity, love the products and customer service. Keep it up.

  6. Phil Lasagna

    Why can’t we get your free product without a credit card????
    It’s because you want to charge us continuously month after month.

    • David

      That’s because, while they can give you their product free of charge and take all the risk, the post office won’t. It may surprise you to know, the United States post offices doesn’t work for free.

      • John

        David, No one is asking the post office to work for free. If Purity is so honest and upfront, and has such confidence in its product, it should be willing to mail them and pay the postage itself. Never give your credit card number to a voice on the phone.

  7. Purity Products

    Hi Ilse,

    We had our Customer Care department reach out to you. Please let us know if you need any further assistance.


  8. Liva

    My husband just fell for this last week. I could NOT BELIEVE when he told me he called some number he heard on the radio to order something. I said NEVER EVER do that without googling the company!

    So they did the same thing to him that they do to everyone else…..they took his cc info right up front, and then right as he was about to hang up they told him they were enrolling him in the program. He refused but they did it anyway!! He said he wanted to cancel the whole order but they said that they couldn’t! WHY THE HELL NOT???

    And so today he called a different number, to cancel. He got a cancellation number. And from what I’ve read elsewhere, the cancellation will not be honored, and my husband and I will now have to go through the trouble of changing our cc numbers and changing every profile for every acct we have online to the new number, all because Purity Products is dishonest. Thanks, guys! Thanks for having a product that obviously isn’t good enough to sell honestly, and thanks for costing us all of this annoyance and work and worry.

    • Purity Products

      We am very sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the order you placed. We wanted to respond to assure you that Purity Products is a reputable company that has been in business for almost 18 years and we consistently maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We sell premium quality nutritional supplements using the latest scientific research to develop our formulas as well as world class customer service, these are our top priorities. We have over 2 million customers and we work very hard to make sure that each one is fully satisfied with every purchase and experience. We also realize that mistakes are made sometimes and in a digital world this can generate website complaints. We are not happy to see even one single issue go unresolved and as such we make every effort to address any concern immediately and we will do whatever is necessary to make our customers happy.

      If you received a cancellation number from our customer care dept. you can be certain that the order you cancelled has in fact been cancelled. The only time an order cannot be cancelled is if it has already been shipped, in which case we will do whatever is necessary to accommodate you. If you have any additional concerns that you feel need to be addressed we respectfully request that you contact our Customer Care Management team at toll free 888-769-7873. They will make certain that everything is handled to your complete satisfaction.

      If there is anything else I can do to assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  9. Brenda

    On the radio you state that you’re willing to give products away because you are so sure the products will work and people will order more. Then you refuse to send the “free” product without locking people into buying more. Not only are you dishonest, but apparently aren’t so confident in your own products after all. So why in the world would I give you my money or put such a questionable product in my body? NO THANK YOU.

  10. Eugene Yavtucovich

    I would just like to say something about this Purity complaint thing. I have been using Purity products for well over five years and yes when you give them your credit card details they automatically put you on shipping schedule. But I have had various incidents in the past when I refused to accept and sent back product and it was totally hassle free and as simple as a phone call. My credit card was refunded immediately after they received shipment of returned goods. As a Canadian resident I am very reluctant to buy online or by telephone outside of Canada as it usually ends up near impossible to get your money back, this is not the case with Purity. If you don’t want your stuff, don’t accept delivery and call them. Believe me it is much less hassle then returning that Chinese junk you people buy from Wal-Mart.
    Just my opinion

  11. Phill R

    I just have to say that a few minutes ago your team did a good job in the radio convincing me about getting your product, however when I went to your website I notice an extremely high price for vitamins and also notice “A LOT” of complaints about credit card abuse and when you guys say that you are human and you make mistakes you are avoiding responsibility and you are also engaging in unethical practices. I will not try your product..

  12. Sam C

    I really get tired of reading all of the whining from full grown adults about what are no more than standard business practices.

    I have used Purity products on more than one occasion and have never been disappointed with the transaction itself. The company has always been quick to respond and when necessary to make a refund. I have found them very easy to do business with. I have also been pleased with the quality of most of the products though certainly not all that I’ve tried. Ask yourself does the product do what you need it to do, yes or no. Nothing else matters. If there is a problem with your payment based on my experience if you ask you will receive a refund. They as any business will try to keep you from leaving as a customer but so would any company. Why vilify a business for doing what you would do if it were you running that business.

    Has Purity made mistakes with me? The answer is yes but they
    made it right whithout a lot of fuss.

  13. Cheryl

    Have ordered from Purity for years, never a problem with
    telephone staff, inappropriate charges, quality of products,
    delivery. Whenever I’ve called in with questions or concerns about an item or order, the reps are extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. This Company is great! 🙂

  14. Andrea

    After being burned by another company when ordering something from a toll free # advertised on the radio, I am really not likely to try anything from Purity. I notice that when the company reps make a reply here, it seems to be rather formulaic, and never addresses the concern expressed by many here: if we want to try a product, and you advertise that it is “free – we will only be charged shipping and handling”, then please answer why consumers must be coerced, hoodwinked, call it whatever you like, into advance-ordering future purchases? Until this question is adequately answer by one of the company reps, I will NOT purchase anything from this company! (and I am looking for a hyluronic acid product, too)

  15. Brian

    I have been a customer of Purity Products for almost 3 years and have had zero problems with them. If you read the agreement and sign up for a “saver program” of any company you KNOW they are gonna use it to sell the product. If you want to cancel just call them and do it. No one is going to give you a “free” anything these days so stop thinking they owe you.

  16. Dave

    I just had an experience, I think a good one. 1st time ordering. I did not want the auto ship until I used the product up- one bottle. Called, was treated very well. Gave me an extra 30 days to try without an auto ship but still offered the discount at that time. I was just looking at this site and thought I would let you all know later how this turns out. So far, no charge and no issue. I have no idea if the products are top of the line because non are FDA approved in any company and they have to state that. Please also keep in mind the FDA is still in the 1950’s when it comes to nutrition. That’s always been an issue with me- who is real and who is not. However, 15 yrs is a good business track record. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt but will turn on a dime if I find any negatives and praise any positives.

  17. roger t winer

    I just discovered this group of sites re”purity products. I am astounded. I’ve been using their products for five years and have had several problems with my orders and I can honestly say every problem has been resolved speedily to my satisfaction. The products are high quality, right on the leading edge of technology, and the people could not be more polite and respectful. I can’t believe these people have picked this company to snap out on. How about they stop this disgraceful conduct and go pick on one of the pharmacuticals that had it’s product taken off the market because they lied about their test market and produced a product that is killingpeople with the FDA
    approval. You need to get your head straight.

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