CoQ10: Super Antioxidant

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Today’s topic:
CoQ10 – Super Antioxidant

We touched on some of the antioxidant effects of CoQ10 earlier. Research suggests that CoQ10 has superior antioxidant properties and works in a broad range of environments. It is a powerful and effective protector of lipids, low-density lipoproteins, proteins and DNA from oxidation. For example, increasing the CoQ10 content of rat heart muscle cells and brain neurons through the diet reduces the ability of free electrons to cause oxidative damage to those cells. A study published recently in Neurobiology of Disease has shown that CoQ10 also protects human neurons.8 This protective property of CoQ10 provides firm scientific evidence that dietary supplementation with this nutrient can increase the resistance of mitochondrial membranes, proteins and DNA to oxidative damage, especially in the tissues that are the most sensitive to such damage.9

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CoQ10 – Preserver of Mitochondrial Health and Function

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