Green Tea Helps Keep Healthy Kidneys Healthy

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Tea Helps Keep Healthy Kidneys Healthy

The kidneys are major organs involved in filtering and eliminating toxins from the body and preserving electrolytes and water. The correct performance of these functions is essential to life and critical to health and wellbeing. Green tea can help support the health of these essential organs.

Excellent scientific research vouches for the benefits your kidneys derive from tea. In a landmark study of 81,093 women who were 40 to 65 years of age when the study began in 1986 (part of the Nurses’ Health Study), the investigators found that every cup of either caffeinated or decaffeinated tea consumed daily progressively enhanced the maintenance of healthy kidney function.31 An earlier study in men had found a similar per-cup enhancement in kidney health.32

These findings mean that drinking a cup of green tea at every meal can be a wise choice for individuals looking to support healthy kidney function and those interested in prevention. The findings also mean that drinking 5 or 6 glasses of tea daily could be extremely beneficial. Likewise, since the benefits of tea for kidney health are probably due as much to the phytonutrients in tea as to the associated increase in water consumption, adding a dietary supplement containing the catechin equivalent of 48 ounces of tea (about 1000 mg total catechins) may yield significant benefits for healthy kidneys.

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