Omega 3 Fish Oil and Heart Rate

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Today’s topic:
Omega 3s and the Speed of Your Heart Beating

Healthy cardiovascular function is dependent on the ability of the heart to adjust its pumping rate with different activity levels. This is an important mechanism employed by the body to allow for the efficient circulation of oxygen depending on metabolic needs. At times of rest, the heart rate should be slower and during times of exertion, the rate speeds up to compensate for increased metabolism. Research suggests that fish oil supplementation can normalize resting heart rate by enhancing the heart’s ability to pump efficiently. In a 2005 paper, researchers analyzed published research dealing with the effects of fish oil supplementation on human heart rate.7 The conclusion of this analysis was that fish oil supplementation led to a calming of resting heart rate to normal levels. This beneficial effect allows the body to better compensate for changes in metabolic needs and contributes to overall cardiovascular functionality.

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7. Mozaffarian D, Geelen A, Brouwer IA, Geleijnse JM, Zock PL Katan MB. Effect of fish oil on heart rate in humans. A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Circulation 2005;112:1945-1952.

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