Purity Products stands with the Vitamin Angels Alliance

I recently received an email from Howard Schiffer of the Vitamin Angels, updating me on all the wonderful things he and his foundation are doing to prevent Vitamin A deficiency related blindness and other easily preventable diseases.

Most recently, Howard was visiting several tribal regions of central and northern India where proper nutrition as well as proper health care, are a rarity.  The diets in these areas mainly consist of rice, Dal (dried lentils) and Roti (flat breads), none of which are a good source of Vitamin A.  Howard and his group brought the children of these areas, Vitamin A supplements as well as de-worming medications and information for the parents on the importance of proper nutrition for both them and their children.

I am very proud that Purity Products stands with the Vitamin Angels Alliance in their fight to eradicate Vitamin A deficiency related blindness.  A portion of every sale goes to supporting the Vitamin Angels, and through our in house “Coffee Clutch For A Cure” program, all of the money collected in our company coffee machine gets donated as well.

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