Vitamins, Minerals and Dental Health

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Today’s topic:
Vitamins, Minerals and Dental Health

Vitamin C
The need for vitamin C to allow the tough fibers of the gums to link together is the most famous example of the way an essential component of the diet is irreplaceable in the maintenance of human health. The recognition of this role founded the science of vitaminology. By promoting strong and healthy gums, vitamin C contributes to dental health.

Magnesium, Calcium and Vitamin D
Strong teeth require more than just strong gums – they also need strong underlying bone through which they attach to the gums and the jawbone. Of course, sound calcium and vitamin D nutrition will allow those stalwarts of bone health to foster dental longevity. In addition, it is becoming clear that there is another, underappreciated member of the dental health team – magnesium. As shown in one survey of adults, the greater the daily intake of magnesium, the better the health of the periodontal tissue.41

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41. Meisel P, Schwahn C, Luedemann J, John U, Kroemer HK, Kocher T. Magnesium deficiency is associated with periodontal disease. J Dent Res 2005;84:937-941.

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