Purple is in, trust me

Purple is such a hot color right now.  As a mom I can tell you all the teenagers are into purple.  My daughter wants purple room, purple clothes, even purple nail polish which I happened to try this week in honor of our new and improved Perfect Purples from Purity Products.  The new formula tastes great!!  I am drinking it right now with some cold water and it is a delicious treat as well as a really great afternoon energy boost.  It’s a great way to get all that berry goodness, as well as vegetables, fiber, Acai, Gogi, Resveratrol, and Brain Nutrients in one great drink.  I would recommend putting it in a water bottle for your child’s next game.   Your child will keep hydrated and energized.   It’s especially good for sipping with some ice during a workout.  Also, the energizing effects are great for moms and dads to use instead of caffeine in the late afternoon at work as well. You will also love how it supports mental clarity. I also like giving it to my kids in the morning especially if they are having a big test that day.
– Sabrina Levin
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