Sleep Vital to Health and Healing

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Today’s topic:
Sleep – Vital to Health and Healing

Sleep is something we often take for granted. Many of us rarely give it a second thought. However, adequate sleep is crucial to human functionality. Besides providing down-time for the body to heal, it relieves stress and helps the body rejuvenate from the rigors and challenges of our daily lives. Beyond rejuvenating the body, sleep is also necessary for rejuvenating the mind – a tonic for our physical and mental wellness.

With age, our sleep quality normally tends to decline. In fact, a common complaint voiced by many older people is the declining duration of sleep as they reach and live through middle-age. It is well-documented that over the age of 50, added to the shortage of time caused by the demands of family, job, travel, shopping and other obligations, men and women experience a naturally-reduced ability to fall asleep, the sleep they get is shallower and of shorter duration, and they are awakened more easily. Lack of sufficient quality sleep will impair mental focus and decrease the quality of life.

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