Polyphenols: More Reasons to Love Fruits and Vegetables

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Polyphenols – More Reasons to Love Fruits and Vegetables

Polyphenols are large molecules with very complex structures. While it’s their chemical complexity that makes polyphenols so biologically active in the human body, this feature also makes their absorption in the intestinal tract very inefficient. Some polyphenols (such as genistein and the soy isoflavones) must be processed by intestinal bacteria before they can be absorbed at all – meaning that a healthy colon is a prerequisite to obtaining health benefits from dietary polyphenols. A healthy colon needs lots of soluble dietary fiber – and there’s no better source of the best colon-friendly dietary fiber than the polyphenol-rich fruits and vegetables – whole or powdered. Then, after being absorbed, many polyphenols must be activated in the liver – another organ that must be in top shape before the health benefits of polyphenols can be maximized. As you may have guessed already, the best promoters and supporters of liver health and function are the polyphenol-rich fruits and vegetables.

The Bottom Line

The more fruits and vegetables you eat, the more polyphenols you enjoy. And, “enjoy” is the key concept here – polyphenols abound in fruits, vegetables, fruit juices, tea, coffee, red wine, chocolate and high-quality polyphenol-packed beverages and drinks made using cold-processed nutrient- and phytonutrientrich fruit and vegetable powders. Fruits (especially berries) and vegetables – natural healthpromoting foods packed with polyphenols, especially the bioflavonoids and anthocyanins – eat plenty every day.

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