Vitamin D: The Vitamin of the 21st Century

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Today’s topic:
Vitamin D – the Vitamin of the 21st Century

Recent times have seen a reawakening of interest in the utility of vitamin D. Increasingly, scientists are recognizing the plethora of health-promoting activities of this unique “prohormone”. Acting as a master switch that turns genes on and off, the key to your genome, this nutrient is much more than a vitamin; vitamin D “directs” the play of life by influencing multiple facets of the genetic code to act as it should. And the production and metabolism of the vitamin slows with aging. Ensuring sufficient levels of this critical nutrient can go a long way in supporting optimal wellness. With all of the health factors that are influenced by vitamin D, and with more being discovered every day, this nutrient potentially holds more than just the golden key to healthy aging.

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