Optimize Your Digestion: Stomach Acid

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Optimize Your Digestion: Stomach Acid

Make sure that your stomach is doing its job to prepare food for further digestion. Stomach acid production may decrease with age. There are tests your doctor can do to measure how well your stomach produces acid during digestion. However, one way to estimate this is by looking at the nature of your stool. If you regularly see some undigested food (other than certain nuts, seeds and corn, which can be normal) – that’s right, it’s OK to look – you might want to consider adding a small acid tablet (in the form of Betaine HCl) to the middle of large meals. Often times, Betaine HCl will be combined with the enzyme pepsin and may also include bitter herbs such as Gentian, which can stimulate the digestive process. Choose a high quality product or, if you are unsure, check with a nutritionally oriented physician.

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