Stay active to boost your joint health


As people age, joint health becomes a greater concern. That's because, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, almost everyone experiences joint discomfort by the age of 70. This is why it's important for people to do all they can to keep their bones strong into old age. Many physicians recommend eating a diet rich in nutrients, especially vitamin D, and engaging in proper weight management techniques. Recently, the New York Times spoke to a number of experts who offered suggestions on how to boost joint health through lifestyle

First, the news source spoke to orthopedic surgeon Kenneth Brandt, who explained why it's important to exercise, even if you are experiencing joint discomfort.

"There's a whole body to pay attention to," he said, quoted by the news source. "You shouldn't neglect everything else that's important to you and to your general health, including physical activity. "You should exercise affected joints."

Brandt suggested that people who are concerned about their joint health should visit a physical therapist who can help design an exercise routine that works for them. The Mayo Clinic recommends that individuals who experience discomfort in their joints should take up aquatic exercises. Working out in a pool takes pressure off of the knees and hips, while still boosting cardiovascular health.

The Times also spoke to Nancy Callinan, an occupational therapist in Minneapolis, who recommended that people with sore joints avoid certain kitchen activities that may make the pain worse. For example, there's no sense in struggling to open a jar or spending a lot of time chopping vegetables when there are many products on the market that can perform these tasks with ease.