The best supplements for eye health

It’s obvious how important eye health is. Especially as people grow older, there are a handful of things they can do to help keep their vision crisp. According to a report from Fox News, these steps include wearing sunglasses when the sun is especially bright, keeping diabetes under control, getting plenty of vitamins and making sure any contacts that are worn for vision correction aren’t left in past the point doctors recommend. Keeping contacts clean and sanitary is another way to help ensure an infection never takes place.

In addition, some supplements may have benefits for eye health. However, for anyone who’s starting to experience vision loss, an article from ABC advises that he or she seek out a specialist.

“A dilated eye exam will show you if you have macular degeneration,” Barbara Blodi, M.D., associate professor at the department of ophthalmology at the University of Wisconsin, told the news provider. “Once you know what is causing your vision loss, then you know what supplements we know can help you – so go from there.”

For those whose vision problems have yet to become severe, NewsMax compiled some of the supplements it recommends.

This carotenoid – which appears naturally in many vegetables including spinach, tomatoes and carrots helps eyes by contributing to the layer of protective mucus around the eyes and may help to the prevention of cataracts.

A mineral frequently found in foods such as onions and tomatoes, chromium keeps up what NewsMax calls “balanced intraocular pressure” in those precious balls that inhabit our eye sockets.

Vitamin C
This vitamin is also known to help with the prevention of diseases such as colds and flu, but the source notes that it may also have the potential to help prevent glaucoma, and keep collagen tissue in shape.

You might not want to think too hard about the presence of minerals in your retina, but the source says that this is indeed the case. Zinc is also said to have antioxidant value – and who would have thought that zinc would have so much in common with green tea?

Vitamin A
Perhaps most importantly for eye health, vitamin A is advertised by NewsMax as crucial to keep the retina working like it’s normally supposed to. A handful of serious eye diseases – including Xeropthalmia and night blindness – are said to be related to vitamin A deficiency.  Several other sources point to liver as a vitamin A-rich food, if supplements aren’t available.

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