Managing the Inflammatory: Pycnogenol for Immune Support

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Tips for Promoting a Normal Healthy, Balanced Inflammatory Response: Pycnogenol for Immune Support

The powerful patented extract of French maritime pine tree bark, Pycnogenol, can also help your immune system maintain its balance. For example, in research published recently in Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy, dietary supplementation with Pycnogenol was shown to inhibit the effects of proinflammatory and pro-aging enzymes, thereby promoting a normal state of inflammatory activity.11

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Tips for Promoting a Normal Healthy, Balanced Inflammatory Response: Exercise and Physical Activities

11. Schafer A, Chovanova Z, Muchova J, Sumegova K, Liptakova A, Durackova Z, Hogger P. Inhibition of COX-1 and COX-2 activity by plasma of human volunteers after ingestion of French maritime pine bark extract (Pycnogenol). Biomed Pharmacother 2006;60:5-9.

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Never Fails

Another round of holiday parties is here. At such get-togethers, it seems that new acquaintances, and sometimes old ones as well, at least the guys, once they’ve learned I work for a nutritional supplement company, invariably ask me the same question. “Do any of those herbal pills I see advertised on TV and in magazines, “for men”, really work?” (There’s also the typical addendum- “Not that I need it or anything…I’m just curious”)

This question is nearly always posed with a clear hint of skepticism. Of course, I can’t say I blame anyone for having doubts. It’s hard to deny that this is a product category rife with exaggerated claims and plenty of hype. And so I start by answering that in my view, most of the products are probably not quite as “potent” as the ads imply, at least the one’s that I’ve seen.

“I figured” is the typical response. Then I tell them there is a product that does have actual evidence to back its claims. It’s called Prelox® and it’s a product we distribute via a special arrangement we have with a terrific company called Natural Health Products, the same people who brought Pycnogenol® to the U.S. (For those unfamiliar, Pycnogenol, a pine bark extract, is one of the top evidence-based nutritional ingredients in the world, its efficacy in a wide range of areas backed by over 100 studies, and hugely popular worldwide where its been sold for over 30 years.)

It was their research on Pycnogenol’s mode of action that led them to surmise that there would likely be benefits for helping men maintain healthy sexual function. This ultimately led to the development of Prelox®, which is a patented formula that combines Pycnogenol with other ingredients like l-arginine, etc, and just like Pycnogenol, is sold all over the world. In their typical fashion, they have begun to build a portfolio of science and research around Prelox®, and last year published the results of a double-blinded, placebo-controlled study which yielded very positive results.

So as I go on, I tell these guys that Prelox® is NOT for erectile dysfunction, and that only a drug can claim to treat this condition. Rather, I tell them that Prelox® is something that a healthy man can use as a dietary supplement for helping them maintain their normal sexual health and performance as they age, helping them support something we’ve come to call “Erectile Quality, or EQ”.

This is when I pull out my famous baseball analogy. I say, “If you’re on the disabled list, Prelox cannot put you back on the field. However, If you are a good player, Prelox may be able to get you into the all-star game.”

The conversation always ends the same way- “Man, do you think you can get me a sample???”

-Jason Kam

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