The Exciting News About Vitamin D

There’s so much important research and information being published on Vitamin D that we’ve had to set a “Google Alert” just to keep track of everything! Every day there are more and more articles being published on the importance of Vitamin D in our daily diets. Here’s just a sample of some of the most recent articles we’ve come across.

Elderly need more ‘sun vitamin’
BBC News – UK
Sun exposure helps the skin make vitamin D – a vitamin older people are generally deficient in due to their lifestyles and natural aging processes…
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Study links vitamin D to improved performance
The Coloradoan – Fort Collins, CO, USA
Most of us would be wise to apply this consideration toward vitamin D, a controversial vitamin that has recently been in the news…
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Vitamin D: A “Legal” Performance Enhancing Substance?
Food Consumer – Lisle, IL, USA
Vitamin D, or the “sunshine” vitamin as some call it, seems to serve as a type of natural “steroid” in that it improves musculoskeletal performance…
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Vitamin D good for brains and lungs, say new studies
Increased intakes of the sunshine vitamin may slow age-related losses in mental function, and ease breathing in asthma sufferers, according to two new studies…
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If you have any second thoughts on the importance of Vitamin D in your diet, set up a “Google Alert” and see for yourself. The results, in just one day will astound you.

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