The Product Reviews We Can’t Show

For me, the level of work satisfaction of working for a company (and standing behind their products) depends greatly on what customers openly have to say. Call it a level of reassurance.
Part of my job responsibilities include looking after product reviews that come in. I see firsthand what customers think about our products.
There is a drawback to customer reviews, though, in the nutritional supplement industry. Each and every review must be reviewed first to ensure they are compliant with FDA guidelines. This means if the review is written in a manner that does not comply with guidelines, it can’t be posted. For example, if you posted a review on one of our products where you stated that our product cured a disease, or treated a serious health condition, we wouldn’t be able to post it publicly. To do so would violate FDA policy, which reasonably forbids food or supplement companies from claiming their products treat disease conditions. So while you may see those kinds of reviews posted on other sites, it means the company in question chooses not to comply fully with FDA guidelines like we do.
What ends up happening is that a lot of the most outstanding reviews don’t reach our website for all to see. We believe them. We’re delighted to read them. We just can’t share them with anyone.
The “hidden” reviews have made more than a believer out of me.
Because I work for Purity Products, naturally friends and family will ask me about nutritional supplements. I’m proud and confident to recommend our products to them. When asked “are you just saying that because you work there?,” I say, “don’t take my word for it, read the reviews on our site.” Followed by, “if only you can read the reviews we can’t post.”
– Matt Soreco

Utilizing the same stringent standards it applies to products and customer service, Purity Products has made a standing commitment to environmental preservation and conservation.

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  1. Jim Estill

    Excellent explanation. Clearly understandable that the FDA would not allow things that are not compliant to to be posted. I just had never considered that.

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