Here are a few thoughts on breakfast…

It’s been called the most important meal of the day, but for many people, breakfast is also their favorite meal. There’s nothing like waking up to a fresh bowl of cereal, coffee, orange juice and perhaps a low-calorie side. However, U.S. News and Health recently pointed to a handful of common mistakes some people have been known to make when attempting to put together a nutritious breakfast.

It’s common knowledge that many side dishes often associated with breakfast – including sausage and eggs – can have averse effects for heart health, depending on how they’re prepared. But even if a person is removing the yokes from their eggs and sticking with low-fat turkey sausage or a meatless sausage substitute, there are more subtle things to avoid during breakfast to keep it healthy.

Not enough protein or fiber
U.S. News and Health reporter Keri Gans starts her article by noting that a low-protein breakfast will leave a person feeling hungry again sooner rather than later. Clearly, this won’t help anyone who’s attempting to watch what they eat for the purposes of weight loss. Ideas she presents for making sure the reader gets enough protein at breakfast include drinking all the milk that accompanies a bowl of cereal, having a single hard boiled egg or eating whole-grain toast. Fiber presents a similar problem for those focusing on weight management – not getting enough leaves the belly feeling emptier earlier. So it helps to check the nutritional facts about cereal, and making sure it contains at least five grams per serving.

Gans also advises readers to make sure they have a hearty breakfast – at least 300 or 400 calories, not to eat it too late in the day and not to be afraid of consuming a little bit of fat. Too much fat is a poor choice, but just a tiny bit, such as the quantity found in a serving of 2-percent yogurt, should suppress appetite until lunch.

Some quick breakfast food suggestions
Speaking of yogurt, it’s identified as a potentially healthy breakfast side on Eating Well’s list of the best breakfast foods. The source says that yogurt could help people lose weight, so long as it’s garnished with fresh fruit instead of sugar. The high fiber and low fat content of oatmeal also gained hearty cereal a spot at the top of Eating Well’s best breakfast foods list.

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