1. Colleen E. Touchette

    What are the side effects of taking this product.

    Thank you,

    • Purity Products

      CoQ10 and plant sterols are extremely safe. And fish oil is like a food (Imagine taking a teaspoon of olive oil, or peanut oil. It’s not much different). It’s an oil and can sometimes upset the stomach if you’re stomach is sensitive. If your stomach isn’t sensitive and you’re not allergic to fish, this is an extremely safe product to use.

  2. Robert Wilson

    My question is I have a bottle that I did not take and it has a date of 10-29-09. It has been kept in the bottle and temps not over 75 deg.F. So what is the actual shelf life after the exp date on bottle. And, does it just lose strength or is it harmful?
    thx, bobby

    • Purity Products

      It has probably lost some potency over the two years since it was bottled, but we can’t quantify the loss without lab testing. It is probably not harmful, but the fish oil may have oxidized somewhat. If you open a capsule and taste it; if it tastes bitter, the oil has gone rancid and it should be thrown away.

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