1. Ziad Kadri

    Dear Dr.Cannell,

    Hope you are doing fine,

    Actually iam working as an applicaton specialist on medical lab equipments,curentlly am working on CLIA technique (Liason) which measur total vitamine D.
    I run about 800 patients of vitmin D in comparison with RIA.
    Results were totally differents,In RIA most of patients either sufficient or Normal.
    While on CLIA most of them Defficent or Insufficent.

    Could you please advice if the reference interval btwn RIA and CLIA is the same??

    Thank you in advanced

    Ziad Kadri
    Area Application Specialis
    00961-3-659 029

  2. Jan Turner

    Thanks for the useful info, I really enjoyed it. Dr Cannell is just the best and loved the videos.

    You are providing a good service to those who need it.

    Thanks again, Jan

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